Coast and Islands Orienteering Week

Orienteering Adventures along the West Coast of Scotland

Kintyre and Arran

Monday 25th to Sunday 31st July 2022

After the success of Coast and Islands 2021, we’re back for 2022! This time we head south on the west coast to the Kintyre Peninsula and the Isle of Arran.

It provides the perfect opportunity to experience orienteering in an area untouched by the sport – amazing to think it’s taken 50 years of orienteering in Scotland to make it here!

We’ll begin on Kintyre, based around the picturesque Tarbert where Knapdale meets Kintyre. We’ll spend several days here allowing plenty of time to explore the coast and islands of Kintyre and Knapdale, and a more relaxed feel compared to the daily march south which took place in the 2021 event!

For the final couple of days we’ll head across the water to Arran, a place known for it’s love of the great outdoors!

The organisation will be low key due to the location, number of people we can accommodate and to keep costs reasonable.

Map of the Week



A bit of everything: forest, open, town, castle…

Courses (approx)

– Long technical – 5-6km
– Middle Technical – 4-5km
– Short technical – 3-4km
– Orange – 2km – (Easy/Medium Standard)
The long technical course will generally be planned to be a middle distance (35 minute winning time) for Men’s Elite but it will vary a bit depending on making best use of the area (hopefully we do a better job on estimates than 2021 😉 ). The middle 80% and the short about 60% of the long.

– Long technical – 3-4km
– Short technical – 2-3km
– Short Easy – 2km

Entry Limit: 200

Standard Cost
Only available for whole week
– Adults £140
– Juniors/Students £60

Start Times Groups

We will have 5 groups.

You’ll start near people within your group (we’ll change the start order of the groups over the week). So if you want to start near other people please enter the same group together. If you’re not bothered on which group please select that option! You can also update the option after (as long as there is space in the group you’re moving to).

From Kintyre to Arran

This is the slightly unknown bit!

There is a vehicle ferry from Kintyre to Arran that takes 30 minutes. It holds about 20-30 vehicles (or it did in summer 2021). With 9 crossings a day. We anticipate 100 vehicles on Coast and Islands which would take a lot of the capacity.

We have been trying to hire another ferry but we haven’t had a firm response yet one way of the other on whether this is possible.

So we have decided to arrange the timetable in such a way that in theory people could have Thursday PM to Saturday AM to make the crossing.

Either by taking this 30 minute ferry. Or by driving round to Ardrossan and taking the main ferry to Arran which is bookable. Though that will add about 2.5 hours to your journey.

We will continue to follow up on hiring a ferry however realise this isn’t super helpful in terms on booking accommodation… So we would suggest arranging to move from Kintyre to Arran on the Friday. But feel free to move on a different day and make your own way.


It would things more enjoyable (and make life easier for us) if for the Tarbert leg of the event that you book accommodation at Tarbert Holiday Park (about 25 camper/motorhome hookups, ~12 glamping pods) or West Loch Shores (10-15 chalets – though they are not yet available to book online, hopefully soon!). Why? Well we’re expecting to run 2 of the events from here and parking is limited. Plus not many other options for official campervan sites round here!

Of course if there’s no room or you fancy a different kind of accommodation we advise booking in Tarbert asap. Tarbert is an easy bike ride from the Holiday Park, an hour’s walk over the hill and a handy location for one of the days!

For Arran the orienteering is likely to take place on the east side of the island. Again we would recommend booking soon as the latter you leave it the harder it is to find somewhere.

For a better idea of what is where check out the map of the week.


In the end there wasn’t another option for the date. We wanted to be in Scottish and English school holidays, avoid the Lakes 5 and the European Orienteering Champs… Which unfortunately means it doesn’t work great to combine with the Lakes 5. On the other hand a perfect opportunity to spend the following week on Arran!

Questions? Contact the coordinator Chris Smithard here.

Ready to enter?

PS. For those who came to the 2021 Event. The Woodland Trust who owned a lot of people’s favourite area – Ben Shieldaig – have the opportunity to buy the neighbouring estate. You can support them in doing so here. Hopefully they let us orienteer on there as well someday!


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